READY LIFT Leveling Delantero 2,25″ Chevrolet Silverado 2007 – 2018

Elevación máxima de 2.25 “- Diámetro máximo del neumático 33”
Trabajará en 2015-18 Silverado / Sierra 1500
La mejor calidad, el mejor diseño para la elevación de nivelación adecuada en los nuevos camiones GM 1500 de estilo de carrocería
Construcción de palanquilla CNC 6061-T6 maquinada CNC
No debe utilizarse con vehículos equipados con aire de fábrica.
Los vehículos equipados con Magnetic Ride Control requerirán recalibración.

NOTA: Verifique la altura de fábrica antes de ordenar o instalar. Los camiones con más de 22 “de altura de ‘cubo de rueda a guardabarros’ pueden requerir menos elevación.

Los espaciadores de las ruedas delanteras de 1/2 “pueden ser necesarios para correr un neumático de 285 o más en las ruedas de fábrica.

** No para los modelos 2017 con brazos de control superiores de acero estampado. Por favor vea la nota en la descripción. **


Some vehicles may require the use of 15-3485 1/2″ front wheel spacer when using factory wheels. The factory wheel options and difference in backspacing vary. In order to run a 285 or larger tire on the factory wheels, you may be required to use our 1/2″ wheel spacers in front.

ReadyLIFT is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to lift your 2007-2017 GM Silverado / Sierra 1500 6-lug new body style pickup ride height by lifting the front 2.25″. ReadyLIFT 66-3085 products do not require any permanent modification to factory parts and never compresses the factory springs or require cutting the strut studs. ReadyLIFT leveling kit systems will not affect your factory OEM ride quality or comfort level. The 66-3085 kit includes two (2) Aluminum SST Strut Extensions and two (2) Aluminum SST Lower Strut Mount Spacers along with all necessary hardware. These are CNC-machined 6061-T6 solid billet Aluminum construction, not spot welded low grade stamped steel often found with cheaper quality kits.

NOTE: This kit will work on new 2015-2018 GM 1500 Trucks! If your truck is a 2017 with stamped steel upper control arms, this kit will require either aftermarket upper control arms -or- the purchase of the Aluminum factory upper control arms. The stamped steel control arms on the 2017 models are known to have issues with ball-joints becoming compromised when leveling or lifting the suspension.

NOTE: To ensure proper leveling kit fitment, using a plumb bob line (for a clean vertical) to measure from the center of the wheel hub to the bottom edge of the fender at the 12 o’clock position while the wheels are pointing straight forward. If this measurement is greater than 22’’ then the truck already has some factory or aftermarket front lift compared to a base truck. For distances measuring greater than 22’’ as described above, #66-3086 or #66-3085 should be modified to account for the pre-installed lift. To ensure proper front lift height and suspension geometry, install the ReadyLIFT leveling kit WITHOUT the lower horseshoe spacer. Incorrectly using these kits on a truck with 22’’ or more distance may result in component interference and/or excessive wear.

Some vehicles may require the use of 15-3485 1/2″ front wheel spacer when using aftermarket tires on some factory wheels. The factory wheel options and difference in backspacing vary.


33″ Maximum tire diameter
33×11.50 for no rub on a 9″ wide wheel with +12 offset
18″ – 295/65R18
20″ – 285/60R20
22″ – 285/50R22
wheel spacers may be required for 285 and larger tires on factory wheels.


6061-T6 billet aluminum top mount strut extensions
6061-T6 billet aluminum lower strut extensions
New strut hardware.

Tipo de kit: Leveling Delantero 2,25″

Marca: Chevrolet

Modelo: Silverado

Año: 2007 – 2017